Monday, January 9, 2012

willing to accept the humble attitude of praise were excellent

True faith, principles, and says it will do, and never shirk responsibility; have self-control, do things always have beginnings and ends, never give up halfway; willing to learn, there are problems not escape, an open mind willing to learn from others; self-confident but not conceited, not self-centered; willing to accept the humble attitude of praise were excellent and authoritative persons; will use 100% of the enthusiasm and energy into work; approachable. Man sincere, cheerful, positive, adaptable, diligent, down to earth, there is a strong team spirit, work positive, serious attitude.
Skilled use of office software, ERP and SAP human resources software.1) The medical device industry, the United States 500 Wedding Venues 4.5 years experience in finance, responsible for the completion of two acquisitions and the formation of China's first factory, now as a finance charge of domestic R & D centers set up in collaboration;
2) IT technical excellence, has won first prize in computer contest in Jiangsu Province, and won first prize in the national computer to get recommended for admission to the Shanghai University of Finance and the international accounting profession, skilled use of Excel, PPT, Access, VBA, JDE, SAP , Hyperion, Essbase and other systems to complete the financial analysis;Some Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas
3) has a good professionalism, interpersonal skills and teamwork ability, capable of working under pressure.Five years, Caterpillar and the ABB system project implementation experience, technology, business, etc. have a comprehensive understanding and experience, proficiency in the SAP system. Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas
All work on the project implementation in the content and job responsibilities are understood clearly the work processes and requirements. Work assignments for team members to coordinate the work of organizational support, and so a complete experience, a strong sense of team. Has been responsible for the sales team, technical support team and customers, third party of communication. Has a wealth of experience and communication skills, with the officers with the unit maintains good cooperation and personal relationships.
Presided over a number of large, complex projects, How to Choose Wedding Flowers there is a wealth of experience and good customer reputation.
With hard work and enterprising spirit, energetic, able to adapt to travel work.

indoor and outdoor switching elements

7 years experience in the switch industry (low-voltage switchgear, circuit breakers, indoor and outdoor switching elements), Delicate Wedding favors to lead an independent team and project management experience, extensive experience in large-scale project design and development, master-related test methods ; proficient in Office Office softwareNew Ideas on Wedding Favors (MS Project, Word, Excel, PPT, etc.); proficient in a variety of drawing tools such as daily AutoCAD, Pro / E, Catia & Inventor, etc.; fluent in English, can communicate independently with foreign colleagues; have overseas work experience.Professional skills and expertise
l. may be familiar with Ms-Project, Pro / E, CATIA, CAXA, AutoCAD product development and design work;New Ideas On Wedding Favors
2 skilled use of office software, image processing software such as Photoshop7.0 etc.; minor certificate in computer; in school through national production and processing center technology certification exam (three).Wedding Favor Ideas
3 can be fluent in English, daily communication, with a strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability;4 college, school table tennis by personal singles second.

good communication and negotiating skills

1, good communication and negotiating skills
2, familiar with the working principle of electronic components and conventional performance
3, familiar with the product development process workflow and repeater products related to the relevant standards and specifications
4, the well-known radio frequency principles, have read, analyze and process radio frequency RF circuit problems
5, master wireless repeater (including GSM, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA) specific work of each series of principles and network applications and implementation methods, with the ability of the system development
6, are familiar with the product management and project management, witha certain organization and management capabilities, there have been good practice and training opportunities
7, the skilled use of RF spectrum analyzer test equipment, signal source, scalar network analyzer and oscilloscope noise tester, optical power meter and so on.
8, good and skilled application of tools AUTO CAD, ProtelDXP, office software Office.I work actively, have a good work ethic and professionalism. Clear-thinking, serious, responsible, hard-working, adaptable, willing to grow with the company.Good science and engineering background, 12 years of procurement experience, outstanding personal qualities, a high sense of responsibility and team spirit.
Professional skills and expertise
1) 12 years of procurement experience, rich in all kinds of supplier resources.
2) proficiency in a variety of procurement methods, such as: general procurement, outsourcing procurement (outsourcing), Storage Purchasing (VMI), procurement time (JIT), notify the shipping contracts (call-off contract) and so on. Object to the batch size of procurement, supply and demand and other factors develop appropriate procurement program.
3) skilled application of logistics systems. Such as: ERP, MRP, Kanban system.
4) proficient in a variety of common office softwareWedding Wear for Kids . Such as: Windows XP, MS Office 2003Wedding Favor Ideas , Lotus Notes.5) a good memory, be sensitive to the business data.500 7 years experience in the logistics department, 4 years management experience. Free Trade Zone and Logistics Park are familiar with import and export operations, HS CODE identified, warehouse management, third party logistics contract negotiations, Romantic Wedding Chocolates day to day operational management, KPI target setting and tracking, MBO management and VMI operation and management of logistics processes.Unique And Stylish Wedding Favors Of ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 certification system has extensive knowledge on many occasions as a corporate internal audit staff Practitioners in e-commerce company for six months, the domestic COD (collect money) have some understanding of the industry. And companies across the country have access to well-known COD.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good PC skills

1) More than 11 years working experience in multinational companies;
2) Very familiar with SCM process;
3) Very good at cost-down activities and inventory control;
4) Very familiar with PMC process;
5) Very strong leadership and management skills;
6) Very good sense of business prom dressand sense of urgency;
7) Self-motivated, passionate with high team-work spirit;
8) Good PC skills;cheap prom dress familiar with Oracle, BPCS etc;
9) Very good command in English. 12 years working experience including 8 years in US.Serve global customers by cheap lacoste polo shirtsdelivering enterprise software solutionsBuild enterprise information systems for worldwide usersPossess excellent people management skills in building and developing highly motivated software service teamsCan communicate with both technical and non-technical groups across different regions and various organizational levels.Outstanding analytical skill and problem solving capability acquired from top schools.
Career Objective:prom dresses
Contribute to a high tech company withpolo shirts extensive project management and service delivery experiences on a leadership role.cosmopolitan
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Five year`s experiences to working in abroad in big company

Over 20 years of software development and system integration experiences. providing proposals for the project,approval of feasibility,preliminary design for IT project in the consultant department in the latest 5 years .
Career Objective:
A position as a consultant or a director/manager of a department in IT company whichi will benefit from my 5 years IT project consult and 15 years software development and system integration experiances .ed hardy trousers
Five yearlacoste polo shirts`s experiences to working in abroad in big company
Career Objective:ed hardy hoodies
Top level of logistics and storage.can be from starting line in new compay. I have plenty of experiences you need and unexpected;proficient to statistics and analysis of store and big project`s material;sensitively to detection of potential danger and problemes in operation of security. process.polo shirtsdaily work;more excellent ability to sustain situation which from various aspectes in our control in abroaded hardy underwear; experienced to deal with complex event arisen in emergency in abroad.I will forgetaquasentiment

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bangkok Battle: Troops Fire on Rioting Protesters

Thai troops fired bullets and tear gas at anti-government protesters rioting near the U.S. and Japanese embassies Friday as an army push to clear the streets sparked bloody clashes and turned central Bangkok into a virtual war zone.
Violence escalated after a rogue army general regarded as a military advisor to the Red Shirt protesters was shot in the head on Thursday evening, possibly by a sniper, leaving him in a critical condition. Ensuing street clashes have killed one Red Shirt and wounded 12 other people, including a Thai photographer and a foreign journalist.
With security deteriorating and hopes of a peaceful resolution to the two-month standoff fading, unrest plunged Thailand deeper into political uncertainty, threatening the country's stability, economy and already-decimated tourism industry.Related
Rogue Thai General Aiding Red Shirts Shot in Head
Bangkok Protests Devastate Shopping Paradise
Protests Expose Deep Divisions in Thai Society
Friday's violence was centered on a small area home to several foreign embassies. Soldiers crouched behind a raised road divider and fired rubber bullets, live ammunition and tear gas shells. Army vehicles were seen speeding on deserted streets littered with stones and debris. Protesters retreated and hurled rocks and insults.
Fighting has now killed 30 people and injured hundreds since the Red Shirts, mostly rural poor, began camping in the capital on March 12, in a bid to force out Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. They claim his coalition government came to power illegitimately through manipulation of the courts and the backing of the powerful military, which in 2006 forced the populist premier favored by the Red Shirts, Thaksin Shinawatra, from office in a coup.
Last week, Abhisit offered November elections, raising hopes that a compromise could be reached with the Red Shirts, who have been demanding immediate elections. Those hopes were dashed after Red Shirt leaders made more demands.
Late Thursday, the army moved to seal off the Red Shirt barricaded encampment which covers 1-square-mile (3-square-kilometer) in an upscale commercial district of the capital. Some 10,000 protesters, women and children among them, have crammed into the area.House building
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Thai troops battle protesters as crisis deepens

Troops fired repeatedly into an intersection leading to an encampment in a ritzy hotel and shopping district they have occupied for five weeks, a Reuters witness said, adding he saw several people injured including two journalists.
It was unclear if troops were using live rounds, rubber bullets or both, he said.
A Bangkok-based foreign journalist working for France 24 television station was wounded, the station said. A Thai photographer was also shot, a Reuters witness said.
Analysts said a possible split between a police force that has loyalties to ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra and the military will make it more difficult to contain the violence.
Those fears were underlined after a Thai policeman fired bullets at soldiers during the clashes, a Reuters witness said.
Troops had yet to fully seal off all major roads leading to the "red shirt" encampment, raising questions over whether the government could soon end the protests.
At least one person was killed 11 people wounded in the violence since Thursday night, but that toll was expected to rise. Many hospitals declined to provide numbers of casualties.
The crisis, in which 30 people have been killed and more than 1,400 wounded since April, has paralyzed parts of Bangkok, scared off investors and has begun to hit the wider economy.
The cost of insuring Thai debt jumped the most in 15 months and Thai bond yields fell to a nine-month low on Friday as the wave of violence prompted investors to rush to the relative safety of government debt.
Five-year credit default swaps, used to hedge against debt default but also to speculate on country risk, jumped by more than 30 basis points to 142 basis points.
Stocks fell 1.2 percent.
Protesters had formed their own checkpoint overnight at the famous Suan Lum night market to stop soldiers from sealing off roads around their main fortified encampment in Bangkok's commercial heart. That became one of the main battlegrounds.
They set fire to a bus, motorbike and tires as they retreated, and soldiers took control of an intersection leading to a road lined with hotels, the U.S. ambassador's home and several embassies, which were closed and evacuated.
Troops fired rubber bullets into a nearby park after gunshots were heard, Thai television said.
Soldiers used tear gas and water cannon before dawn at the Nana intersection, packed with shops and racy go-go bars. Skirmishes flared in other parts of the city as the protesters remained defiant, vowing to fight to the death.
"They are tightening a noose on us but we will fight to the end, brothers and sisters," a protest leader, Nattawut Saikua, told a cheering crowd of about 10,000 at the main protest site.
The latest violence followed tough security measures imposed on Thursday evening to reclaim Bangkok's commercial district after the collapse of a reconciliation plan proposed last week by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.
Abhisit is under enormous pressure to end the protests, which began with festive rallies on March 12 and descended into violence that is stoking concerns over the outlook of Southeast Asia's second-biggest economy.
The shooting and a security cordon marked the start of a violent crackdown in which the Thai government stands a good chance of clearing the streets, the Eurasia Group political risk consultancy said.
"But it will not end the polarization that has led to the current instability -- ensuring that the pressure from the red shirts will persist and that political volatility will remain a persistent problem for Thailand for the foreseeable future".
It is unclear who shot a renegade general who has been in charge of security for thousands of protesters occupying a 3 sq-km (1.2 sq-mile) stretch of central Bangkok since April 3.
Khattiya Sawasdipol, a suspended army specialist better known as "Seh Daeng" (Commander Red), was shot in the head, apparently by a sniper, while talking to reporters on Thursday evening.
He underwent brain surgery and was in critical condition.
Khattiya had been branded a terrorist by the Thai government, which accused him of involvement in dozens of grenade attacks that have wounded more than 100 people.
But in recent days he was equally critical of other red shirt leaders, accusing them of embracing Abhisit's proposed "national reconciliation" which unraveled after protesters refused to leave the streets.
Speculation was rife as to who might have tried to assassinate him with fingers pointing at the military, shadowy militants who have appeared in previous incidents of violence, and from the ranks of red shirts themselves.
His shooting sparked half a dozen confrontations overnight between rock-throwing protesters and armed security forces on the outskirts of the protesters' barricaded encampment.
One protester was shot in the eye and died after a group of red shirts confronted soldiers armed with assault rifles next to a park in the Silom business district, witnesses said. Some protesters hurled rocks and troops fired in return.
Most businesses and embassies in the area have evacuated staff and were closed for the day. Apartment complexes were mostly empty after the government warned it would shut down power and water supplies, and landlords urged tenants to leave.Ninjette
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